Wants, Needs, and Brick Walls

To simplify things for you and your REALTOR®, create three lists:

  1. Needs: An important list of the things, features, locations, etc. that you feel you require to make the purchase positive. These are different for everyone, but they have to be features you feel are needed to enjoy the home.
  2. Wants: A "nice to have" wish list of things you would like. This list is likely longer than the needs list, but is full of items that are not as critical to you when it comes down to decision-making time.
  3. Brick Wall Items: These are the things similar to the needs list, but are critical to have or not have. These are things that you cannot bend on and, in fact, are so important that they will create a wall you cannot overcome. They are also things that the home/property cannot overcome.

Unless you have an unlimited budget, these three lists are a critical part of the process in finding a home you will be happy with. Knowing what is a need vs. merely a want vs. an absoluteBrick Wall will make the process so much more enjoyable.

Taking these three lists into account and being open with your REALTOR® about what is truly on each list, combined with a realistic budget, is what it will take to find the "right" next home for you. It is a learning process for you and your REALTOR®, but letting your REALTOR® in on your lists will make the search for your home easier.