Ways to give your kitchen a facelift

Slab Backsplashes

This year, the beauty of nature's materials taking the forefront in the kitchen. With more open space surrounding range hoods and sinks, there is more oppertunity to make your kitchen pop with backsplashes. Try opting for slabs of marble and limestone, their natural beauty really makes your kitchen look like a work of art.


Black Hardware, Brass, Aged Gold

In the past few years we've seen chrome, stainless steel, and nickle make its way into our kitchens. Believe it or not, these are no longer the go-to kitchen metals anymore. Try warmer metals and shades of iron and graphite, these are hardware trends that are becoming more popular. Unique kitchen hoods are also popping up with these material combinations and they look amazing against backsplashes of marble.


Sconce Lighting 

There seems to be a trend going on with fewer upper cabinets which opens up more space for decorative lighting, like sconces. This type of lighting can be purchased with adjustable arms, giving you the option to have the lighted directed to where you need it most. Look for these fixtures in iron, black or even brass finishes to really make a statement in your kitchen. 

For more tips on ways to give your kitchen (or any room for that matter) a facelift, feel free to give me a shout. Exploring new trends around the home is kind of my job.

Thank you for reading !