We Need To Sell Our Windsor Home This Summer!

Now that we have approached the last month of summer, there are many anxious sellers who are struggling to sell their Windsor home. For many homeowners, who have done everything right, from pricing correctly, creating curb appeal, staging and making repairs, they can’t understand why their home is not getting more showings. Of course, this is frustrating, especially when a seller says, “Just sell my home!”

While the market has improved in the past several months, it is still a buyer’s market, which means there are more sellers than buyers. With so many Windsor homes on the market, and with summer coming to a close soon, it’s time for homebuyers to take a moment to think of what to do next.

If a buyer is desperate to sell their home, either due to financial reasons or job relocation or maybe they have purchased another home, then it’s time to consider the options.

The biggest decision that needs to be made is price. While your home may be priced right, if it is critical you need to sell your home, then maybe it’s time to lower the price. This is always hard for a buyer to swallow, particularly if they have priced their home at the very bottom of their budget. If you feel your home is worth a certain price, it won’t matter. It’s only worth what buyers will pay. If your home is sitting without an offer or any showings, buyers will think something is wrong and stay clear of your property.

But with August here, now is the time to make the final push before the summer ends. If you can lower the price, do it. If you can add incentives to your deal, like providing a home warranty or help with closing costs, then do it. Keep your home is tip-top shape and make your it available for every showing. Hold open houses if possible that are widely advertised, increase your social media presence by adding a Facebook page and Twitter account to advertise your home. The goal is to create a new buzz about your Windsor home.

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