YES Mr. Buyer You need to attend the Home Inspection

The other day one of my buyers asked: Do I have to attend the home inspection? First of all why would you not want to attend a home inspection

 First of all why would you not want to attend a home inspection. You the buyer will be paying for the home inspection and this is your time to getting to know your future house.I always encourage ALL my Home buyers to asking as many questions as possible and be sure to watch the home inspector. Of course you will be receiving a report after the home inspection that details any of the findings but in my opinion it is very important for home buyers to participate during the home inspection. I personally draw the line when it comes to going up in the attic or into crawl spaces, but I have an excellent home inspector I work with, Tony, who will be taking pictures and sharing any problem areas he identifies.The home inspection is there for you to have your home professionally inspected. Yes I look at a lot of homes and I attend lots and lots of home inspections but I am not a home inspector. I am your Woodbridge VA Real Estate Agent.Home inspection are extensive and the home inspector has your best interest in mind. Any of the findings from the home inspection can be used to asking the seller to making repairs.You and your Real Estate Agent will be discussing the home inspection and considering next steps in your home purchasing journey.