You Are Just Too Busy I guess


One of the biggest questions I have always had is why don't people either answer your questions or return your phone calls, or just have someone else return the phone call if you are "too busy or do not want to be bothered".  Unprofessional is the explanation I have for this behavior in my humble opinion, and it has been happening a lot lately.


I have had buyers call me  out of the blue and want to see a property, they had called and left messages with the listing agent and the agent will not or could get back to them in any way.  Assign the task if you cannot call or text back.  This seems to be happening a lot on bank owned type of properties, short sales and the like.


When I call a Realtor and need an answer to a question before showing a property, I expect some kind of answer just as a courtesy. I do not call with crazy questions but even if I did I would appreciate an answer of some kind.  Hard to believe that when a buyer calls the listing agent and wants to see the property and leaves that message and the agent does not call back...what?  I do not care how busy you are, so am I but I answer my calls personally.


  You Are Just too busy I guess.


When in a transaction and emailing the other agent I would expect the agent to read all of the email and respond in kind.  Not so much any more even when the email is succinct and clear.  I have had this happen more than once or twice or when one is speaking with another person and they just "do not listen or hear" what you are saying because they are so busy in their heads listening to themselves they cannot grasp what you are trying to impart.  Really?


You Are Just Too Busy I guess


I have to say I have checked and double checked with myself to make sure I am clear, reread emails before I send, texts and all else because I am left wondering, is it me or is this world just getting too fast and complicated for people to slow down and read or listen with intent.  Seems as though if one is too busy to answer calls or questions, then redirect those calls to someone who is not too busy.



As a caveat, I do have to say that there are a lot of businesses that do answer the calls.  I had left a message with "Cardone Industries" who does re-manufacturing of automobile parts and left a question.  They do not sell to the general public, but they did call me back within a day to check in and answer my question.  Now that is Customer Service in the highest and they were so pleasant.  Left me smiling and feeling respectful of their company. 



All is not lost, but agents please return the calls, read the emails so you understand what is being said in the email, and if you cannot answer please have someone do it for you. 


Just saying but perhaps, you are just too busy.


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