April 2011 - Is Hindsight 2020? Our Real Estate Market forecast is pretty close!!

About our 2011 Forecast:

Our prediction was:

"We should begin to see an increase in values for single family detached properties commencing January 2011 with gains of up to 4% by the end of April 2011"

The Outcome is:

The real estate market has surpassed our earlier prediction by a 1.17% margin...as of the beginning of April 2011 we have a 5.17% increase in the Average selling Price in Residential Selling Values!

  • The average price of a single family detached property (SFD) in  Edmonton and Surrounding Area increased by over 6% from $354,013 in January 2011 to $378,912 by the end of March 2011 moving into April...
  • Condos have made a move in the right direction by an increase of 3.74% ...from $223,997 in January 2011 up to $232,706 for the period ending March 2011
  • Average selling prices in Duplex/Rowhouse properties took a hit by the end of the month of March 2011 - dropping from $305,779 to $292,136

Listings were up from 2,624 in February to 2,960 by the end of March 2011.

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