Market Trends August onward from a historical perspective


So far we are liking what we are seeing moving into August 2009.  We anticipate the market to cool slightly into September onward as it usually does in the seasonal cycles historically...see graph below:

But, July 2009 Sales were still strong in the overall Edmonton Market for the Single Family Homes – pushing up the Average Sale price of a home from $369,859 tpo $ 372,741 (up 3/4 of a percent but still down from 2008 see below)  

- Duplex and rowhouse prices were up 1.8% from a month ago to $296,284.

- Condominium prices were down one percent at $244,265 on average in July from $247,071 in June

- The average residential prices was down just over 1% to $324,847. Average prices in all categories in July were down from the same month last year.


JULY 2009 - 372,741

JULY 2008 - 379,224

JULY 2007 –417,150

JULY 2006 –303,304


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