Buying The View!

Snake Bay, Lake of the Woods - CLICK HERE

The spring waterfront market is off and running with MLS reporting 29 sales from April 1 thru June 1, 2016 ranging from $135,000 to $1,075,000.
* 3 water access sales averaging $290,000
* 3 road access leased land sales averaging $615,333.33
* 2 road access condo sales
* 21 road access sales averaging $395,000

Kakagi Lake (Crow Lake), Nestor Falls - CLICK HERE

Blue Lake, Vermilion Bay - CLICK HERE

SOLD Properties
Tetroe Road, Kenora  $50,000
Lot 45 Gun Lake, Minaki  $84,900
Lot 5 Harbour Island, Little Sand Lake, Minaki  $95,000
Lot 9 Pistol Lake, Minaki  $549,000
520 Charlesworth Road, Pistol Lake, Minaki  $595,000

Cottage Life Trivia Calendar (used with permission)
* Baby groundhogs begin emerging from their burrows in early June
* Little brown bats are born in June & July
* Common snapping turtles nest from early to mid-summer
* June 19 - Father's Day, Manitoba Marathon (Winnipeg)
* June 20 - Summer Solstice
* June 22, 2007 - The only documented F5 tornado in Canadian history, in Elie, MB
Who Knew?
* The St. Ignace Light on Lake Superior was nicknamed the "Lighthouse of Doom" because three keepers died on the job
* Canada has the longest coastline in the world; more than 243,000 km.  It could circle the equator at last six times.


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