Common Loon (genus Gavia)

In the spring and summer most common loons live on lakes and other waterways in Canada and the northern United States.  The summer habitat of Common Loons ranges from wooded lakes to tundra ponds. The lakes must be large enough for take-off and provide a high population of small fish.  Clear water is necessary so that they can see fish to prey on. As protection from predators, loons favor lakes with islands and coves.  A pair of loons and their offspring can eat about a half-ton of fish in 15 weeks.
(Beautiful painted paddle courtesy of Artist Myra Smith)

Recreational Real Estate Market  (SOLD)

A busy August and September has resulted in the following sold properties;
51 Bloomers Road - Snake Bay, LOW - Sioux Narrows - $399,000
Little Gordon Lake - $319,000
2505 Pipestone Point, LOW - Sioux Narrows - $195,000
20 Andrew Bay, LOW - Sioux Narrows - $92,500
60 Dock Road N, Sabaskong Bay, LOW - Nestor Falls - $650,000
106 Laughing Water Road, Long Bay, LOW - Sioux Narrows - $399,000
Lot 1 Molloy Ridge Road, Long Bay, LOW - Sioux Narrows - $225,000 + HST
Island G1536 Allie Island, LOW - Kenora - $420,000

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