The listing price is a key component of the valuation and sale of a property.  Generally speaking, the closer the list price to market value, the more likely that a higher sale price will be realized within a reasonable period of time.  A list price set at or near market value will attract the most number of serious Buyers.  A heightened demand will frequently translate into a higher selling price and possibly even multiple offers.  Are you selling......or speculating?

QUESTION:  Should I work with a realtor who is familiar with cottage country?

THE ANSWER:  While it's technically true that any Ontario licensed realtor can sell in the province, it may be beneficial to work with an agent who is knowledgable about selling cottage property and is familiar with the lake culture and the region.
Consider this true tale shared by one realtor.  A Toronto Buyer uses his residential realtor to help him find a family cottage.  They begin the search in November and find the perfect cottage on a bay.  The bay is skimmed over with ice and snow.  The SOLD sign goes up!  The Buyer makes plans for a new dock - for his fibreglass boat and the kids to dive off.  Spring arrives and he realizes his beautiful bay is 1.5 feet deep!

What if you choose a small lake where the culture is to canoe and you have Personal Water Crafts?  Will your family be a welcome addition to the lake?
Do Clearwater Bay Restricted Guidelines affect the cottage I'm interested in on Deception Lake?
Is there a 66' shore reserve or road allowance affecting the property I'm interested in? 


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