Ice Out, Cottage Life Trivia....

Lake of the Woods, Long Bay - May 6
Lake of the Woods, Echo Bay - May 9
Little Gordon Lake - May 11
Gun Lake, Minaki - May 4
Little Sand Lake, Minaki - May 6
Royal Lake - May 2
Granite Lake - May 2
Longpine Lake, Ingolf - May 1

Cottage Life Trivia Calendar (used with permission)
May 3, 1977 - The great horned owl was declared Alberta's official bird
Mining bees and polyester bees are among the first bees to become active in spring
MAY 8 - Mother's Day
May 9, 1950 - The real Smokey the Bear - a black bear cub - was rescued after a forest fire in the Capitan Mountains, N.M.
May 13, 1988 - First issue of Cottage Life was published
Grizzly bears mate between mid-May and early June
Wild Fact Hares are born furry, able to see; rabbits are born naked and blind
MAY 23 - Victoria Day (Canada)
May 29, 1914 - The deadliest maritime disaster in Canada, when the
RMS Empress of Ireland sank in the St. Lawrence River
MAY 30 - Memorial Day (U.S.)


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