Kenora Cottage Country

Last year, the call of the loon as well as an excellent selection of available properties (and few bargains) brought Canadians back to the lake in numbers not seen since 2008.  In the District of Kenora, seven out of ten of our Buyers come from Manitoba, two out of ten are from Western Canada, and one in ten is from Kenora or the United States.  There is an excellent selection of recreational properties available from 90 minutes to 3 hours from Winnipeg.  Current waterfront prices (road and water access) range from $69,000 to over $2M.  Lake of the Woods, Black Sturgeon Lakes, the Winnipeg River and many attractive pocket or "sleeper" lakes offer something for everyone.  Generally speaking, "Name" lakes cost more.  However, if you're willing to drive a little further, you'll often find good value and smaller crowds.
Recreational real estate is a "Lifestyle and an Investment."


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