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Boobie Nights 6! SAVE THE DATE!! Let's Beat Breast Cancer in our Community!

We are excited to get rolling with our 6th annual fundraising campaign once again for this great cause!!  Our goal this year is to raise enough funds to complete the fundraising for the Digital Imagining campaign for the Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation!      The date for our 6th annual Boobie Nights event is scheduled for Saturday June the 6th under the tent ...

Hard Winter? 9 Ways to Battle Cabin Fever

Hard Winter? 9 Ways to Battle Cabin Fever

First Time Home Buyers

Prospective first-time home buyers face several challenges, including the need for a down payment and the financial stability to qualify for a home loan. While home prices and affordability vary from one market to another, individual buyers must find a balance between what they can comfortably afford and what they want in their first home. Know Your Market Before you decide on a particular home ...

Household Cleaning Products

DID YOU KNOW THAT 36% OF HOUSEHOLDS DO THEIR OWN CLEANING?With all the household cleaning products (the new and the newly improved) on the market, it's hard to know exactly what to buy. The good news is that everyday household items that are probably already in your kitchen can perform just as effectively as cleaning agents. Baking soda...a baking soda/water paste will remove small scratches and nicks ...

Spring is almost here.

With warmer temps it won't be long until the ice roads disappear to make way for watercraft.  Although there is still snow on the ground we are already seeing the effects of warmer weather, the phone is ringing and we are getting new inquire's ever day.   Now is the time to get your home or cottage ready for the spring market.  If you would like some input into what your property ...

Winnipeg couple ordered to pay more than $100,000 in repairs to get their home up to code

23 Stunning Color Tips To Make Your Small Space Feel Much Bigger

23 Stunning Color Tips To Make Your Small Space Feel Much Bigger Your humble abode is about to get a huge makeover. posted on March 2, 2015, at 3:11 p.m. Erin ...

2014 Recreational Market Re-Cap

2014 Recreational Market Re-CapA cold, snowy winter followed by a cool wet spring led to record high water levels in many parts of cottage country. The weather impacted Buyer activity until the third quarter when interest increased substantially. Lake levels returned to normal prior to freeze-up however, in many areas high water damaged docks, boathouses and property. Below is a short synopsis ...

4 Expert tips to boost curb appeal

Homeowners and buyers often contact me asking “What should I look for to add value to a property?” First impressions can make or break a home sale and they are formed right in the front yard! Use these four expert tips from celebrity outdoor designer Carson Arthur to boost a home’s curb appeal. Give yourself some privacy Instead of trying to plant big trees along the property line, achieve ...

34 Gunne Crescent check it out

Check out our new listing at 34 Gunne Crescent- Click Here