The Great Patio Set debate: Wood, metal, or plastic?


Choosing outdoor furniture for those hot summer days used to be a breeze! Now, besides styles, a shopper has to consider a variety of materials.

Though many modern materials are flexible, use these tips to select the best built furniture for your backyard:


Best for:

  • Shaded sections, so it doesn't get bleached or dried by the sun
  • Wet climates, as it is water repellant
  • Portability: Many plastics are lightweight for mobile dining/lounging



Best for:

  • Dryer climates, as moisture can crack and rot wood
  • Areas with sunlight, as it doesn't absorb much heat
  • Stationary setups: Wood furniture tends to be heavier and more sturdy





Best for:

  • Shaded sections, so it doesn't heat up in the sun (ouch!)
  • Mixed climates, as it isn't as affected by temperature and moisture (though if it's painted be careful)
  • Durability: It is made of metal, after all


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