Dundee Real Estate Listings and Information


Residing just on the Southwestern edge of the Bras D'Or Lake in Nova Scotia, sits the small yet quaint community of Dundee, NS. Dundee is a small community that will be able to provide you with the comfort and security that all typical small communities will provide. In addition, if you are looking for real estate that offers lakefront property, you'll find that this area of Dundee will be able to provide this and much more. This is a location that is full of fun, beauty, and excitement in a variety of different areas. With that being said, here you will discover more about this wonderful area of Dundee, Nova Scotia, and why this may provide you with a real estate opportunity of a lifetime.

* Parks & Recreation

If there's one thing more evident, it'll be the fact that there will more than likely be more recreation and fun than you can handle in this wonderful area. Aside from providing you with one of the largest lakes in all of Nova Scotia, you'll be able to take advantage of water sports unlike anything you've ever experienced. In addition, for those that like to sport fish, you'll find that the fishing in this area will be extremely pleasing as well. For those that love golf, the Dundee Resort and Golf Club is located just on the east side of town which will provide all that is needed when it comes to getting your golf game in hand.

* Economy

Although Dundee does not provide an economy within the small town, this is an excellent place for those that plan to commute from areas such as West Bay and Cleveland which are only a short distance away. For those that work in areas such as Lime Hill or The Points, you'll find that the area of Dundee will provide an excellent choice for relocation opportunities because of its small yet very convenient local access. Dundee is only one of a few areas that will provide a natural Lake Harbor which can be used for those that make their living working in or around any area of a large lake.

* Real Estate

When it comes to real estate opportunities, this will be an area you cannot overlook. Dundee offers some of the best scenery you have ever seen in the southwestern area of Bras D'Or Lake. You'll find that there are lakefront properties that will give you a view unlike anything you've ever experienced. Beauty cannot describe what you'll see once you've purchased a property in the area of Dundee. Whether you're looking for a newly built home or you are looking for something more specific in a single or multi-family, you'll find everything you require here in this lovely area.

Dundee, NS is a small yet quaint community; however, this is a community that can provide you with everything needed when it comes to your real estate needs. If you are planning to relocate to this beautiful area, you'll find that although this is a small area, it will more than likely have everything you can imagine when it comes to accommodating your needs with a perfect real estate property.