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Rabbit Lake Trailer Park


The Trailer park is located conveniently across the street from Rabbit Lake. Where in some positions in the trailer park you will have beautiful views of the lake.

The Rabbit Lake Trailer Park is within walking distance to elementary schools, high schools, the beach, churches, gas station, and restaurant, and the Jaffray Melick Arena is conveniently located just behind the trailer park.  


Both the Rabbit Lake Beach, and the Rowing club are within walking distance from the neighbourhood of the Rabbit Lake Trailer Park.

The Kenora Rowing Club is home to the Dragon Boat races in the summer. This club ranges in size from 60-80 members and is situated on the Garrow Park Beach. 

The beach area offers, sand beaches, with docks, and playground area with restroom/change  areas.


J+M ARENA: The Trailer Park backs onto  the Jaffray and Melick Arena. The skating arena is operated by the City of Kenora during the winter months.



Valleyview School: Valleyview School is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment for all students.  They believe that all students can learn more comfortably where the school and the home work collaboratively to ensure student success.  Valleyview School has a community feel to it; it’s one of those schools that welcome you as you walk through the door.  Students in JK to Grade 6 share a sense of belonging at Valleyview – they’re comfortable, safe and at home in their school.  Valleyview has an active and engaged School Council who supports the staff in providing a well-rounded program with ample extra-curricular events.  They also keep a very busy fundraising schedule. Valleyview school offers a hot-lunch program, as well as all the fun activities they plan and pay for! Valleyview School playground is home to the neighborhood families and their well-maintained facility hosts many community groups and evening activities.  Valleyview School offers several sports teams Go, Vipers, Go! For more information about Valleyview School click here

Pope John Paul II School is one of the largest and newest Catholic Schools located in Kenora, built in 2008 Pope John Paul  II houses approximately 385 students. Pope John Paul II is an elementary school that offers grades from JK-8

The other elementary school that is within walking distance from the Rabbit Lake Trailer Park area is École Ste-Marguerite Bourgeoys this is the only single-track French Immersion School in Northwestern Ontario.  The current total school population has reached 280 students.  Students who are interested in the French Immersion Program travel to this school from all over Kenora since they are the only French Immersion School in the district. Ecole Ste-Marguerite Bourgeoys is an elementary school that offers grades from JK-6.

 High Schools in the neighbourhood: The Rabbit Lake Trailer Park has two High Schools within walking distance from the Park. One Thomas Aquinas School, and the second Beaver Brae Secondary School. 

St. Thomas Aquinas High School: Is the only Catholic high school west of Thunder Bay in the province of Ontario. They are a grade 7 to 12 school, in the Catholic tradition, dedicated to excellence in education and the Christian formation of youth. At St. Thomas Aquinas, every student is encouraged to seek out his/her personal vocation in life and to find his/her place of service in the broader community. Through strong partnerships with parents and the church, St. Thomas Aquinas ensures that graduating students will leave with the academic and life skills that are necessary for a higher education and a well-rounded lifestyle. They also offer a fully accredited Religious Education program from grade 7 through 12. As well, they are the only high school in northwestern Ontario to offer a full French Immersion program leading to the Certificat d'Immersion en Français. We offer our students the opportunity to earn a Specialist High Skills Major Diploma in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector.Since the inception of the school in 1985, St, Thomas Aquinas graduates have been honored for their academic excellence through many bursaries and awards offered at the school.St. Thomas Aquinas High School proudly serves both Catholic and non-Catholic students throughout Northwestern Ontario. St. Thomas Aquinas offers a well-developed and versatile athletic program to our students. Students can participate in many different sports at the school including basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, curling, hockey and track and field teams.  St. Thomas Aquinas also has an exciting music program. For more information about St. Thomas Aquinas

 Beaver Brae Secondary School: Beaver Brae is home to approx. 900 students in grades 9-12 and over 65 dedicated staff members. The High School offers all types of educational opportunities, including outstanding trades, college, and university level programs. Beaver Brae Secondary School prides itself on a course calendar that boasts nearly 200 courses. In addition to the major subject areas students may opt to take classes in music, arts, construction, outdoor education, Ojibwa, law, and many more. To see the course calendar click here.

For more information about Beaver Brae Secondary School click here

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