25 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Safer

25) Make sure you have locked all your doors and windows before you leave.

24) Don’t hang your keys near the door or windows of your home.

23) Inform your local police that you will be out of your home for a while.

22) Never leave a portable GPS inside your car.

21) Disconnect your garage door.

20) Consider hiring a house sitter.

19) Make sure that all your exterior doors have dead bolt locks.

18) Provide auxiliary locks for your sliding doors.

17) Make sure that every outdoor entrance of your home has sufficient lighting.

16) Change the locks of your new home.

15) Do not hide a key outside your home.

14) Hang curtains in your windows for privacy purposes.

13) Have a peephole on your front door.

12) Never entertain unauthorized visitors.

11) Have an automatic timer for your lights.

10) Install a home alarm system

9) Keep a safe inside your home.

8) Install sensor lighting outside your home.

7) Prune back the landscaping around your home.

6) Do not leave packaging of large appliances on the curb.

5) Buy a dog or pretend to have a dog.

4) Do not leave your trash cans outside your door.

3) Put a hold on your mail service while you are away.

2) Ask a trusted neighbor to look after your home.

1) Do not announce your vacation plans on social media.




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