Doing the seven summits ride

@ of my mountain biking buddies decided this spring that we were going to train and take on the 7 summit 30km grind this summer. We started by doing 2 climbs per week on a variety of tails that kootenay columbia trail society has built and maintained in the area.Because we have ridden some of these trails over the past couple of years we decided to move right on to the intermediate runs so we could get a good start on our training. About 2 months into and about 1 week before our big ride we were doing the red head trail a couple of times a weekwhich is a pretty good climb about 5 kms up the back side of Red mountain to the top followed by an equally challenging downhill portion with lots of s turns and a couple of mild jumps . So we thought we were ready for the big one. We entered at the Nancy Green Pass end of the trail and began the 3000ft accent ride. I have to say that the multiple red head rides we had done was hardly prep for this tuff yet amazing ride. It took us about 6 hours to complete the ride which included more than one or two breaks for getting your mojo back as well as taking in the spectacular views of the mountains and valleys way below us. I must say that when we finished the last km and stopped for a breather before doing the last downhill to my buddys place for a few well deserved beer I said well guess I can now say I have bin their done that not to come back again but you know after a couple of weeks of forgetting the tuff parts and remembering the challenge and spectacular views I may even do it again in a year or two. 

If you decide to go make sure you take along at least one other person with you and don't forget lots of water, carbs, and your bike and tire repair bag and maybe a small first aid kit incase you want to challenge a few of the many decents along the way.

Richard Daoust

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