Yesterday Sue and I met with Bernie (Rob Bernthal), one of the partners involved in the Mountain Project, or the Compound as it is known,located at the base of Red Mountain Resort. This is an extraordinary new concept in mountain homes that will appeal to more of the purist out their rather than the traditional chalet style home that dominates the landscape of most ski resorts.These are town houses designed to be zero maintenance so that you can spend your time enjoying the outdoors rather than shoveling, cutting the grass,staining siding and getting carpets cleaned etc. With simplicity and sustainability in mind, the partners decided to use locally harvested timber, core10 steel, super durable long lasting windows, and a design that all the many feet of snow to fall away from doorways and garages. Some people see the rusting metal on the exteriors and wonder why would anyone choose that ? Well, it is because the rust actually protects the steel underneath, and helps it to last longer, without you ever having to prime or paint or pay higher strata fees to have those jobs done for you. On the inside, the units are designed for living , with painted heated, concrete floors throughout, reasonably sized rooms, led lighting , open concept living areas, and intelligent layouts. Each unit has its own garage, and the entry is a large mud room adequate for storing all your gear. Heating costs will be much lower. The partners in the project include Tim Petrick, VP of Global marketing for Rossignal, and Hanno Treindl, former president of FSI. When we asked Bernie why they did this project, he indicated that they wanted to come to a place where the skiing was world class, and the people were real. There are only 4 units left in the ten unit development, and prices have been reduced. You can pick up a 2 bedroom unit for only $399,000! Go to and hit my listings to get more info. Or just send me an e-mail through the site . We will have videos up on youtube soon! 




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