Preparing your home for sale

Home buyers are always looking to move into re-sale homes that suit their needs and will not cost to repair flaws. A beautiful home with minor flaws that are visible can end up with no potential buyers and a lower sale price. Before putting your home for sale, consider some of the following tips that may be crucial in obtaining a good and reasonable Offer.

Your first step should be to have a presale home inspection. It’s an expense well worth while in realizing the sale price you desire. A professional home inspector will warn you of troubles that could turn away potential buyers, so you will be able to make repairs before putting your home on the market.

If the inspection uncovers some necessary repairs then the next step is to get quotes and have the work completed before putting your home on the market. Not doing this will put the estimated repair cost in the hands of the purchaser which will be a disadvantage for a good sale price, since the buyers have to verify that they are willing to pay the purchase price as well as the repairs. If you bought your home new, you should make sure if any damages are covered under the New Home Warranty program that could ultimately save you a large sum of money.

Not every repair will cost you a bundle, but it is necessary to fix as many minor problems as you can. These include broken window panes, sticky doors and dripping faucets. These repairs may seem trivial but ignoring them, will send the wrong message to potential buyers that the home is poorly maintained. Major repairs should always be done, however, if money is an issue, then ensure that you disclose all defects and have the list price reflect the need for these repairs.

You will also need to clear the clutter from the house before advertising it. Look for those items that you no longer use and dispose of them properly. You may also consider donating some items that are still usable.

You should also consider an alternative storage unit. Almost every home will look better and more spacious with less furniture in it. Because of this, you should remove any furniture and fittings that block pathways and make your house look congested.

The next step is to do a thorough cleaning in the house before potential buyers come to view. A clean home will always give buyers a good first impression that the home has been properly cared for. If you are not able to clean it on your own, you should consider hiring the services of professional cleaners. These tips will help your house sell fast and may even increase its sale value.

If you choose to sell your home privately and still are not getting the right price for your home after all of the above, it may be important to hire the services of a professional Real Estate Agent. Their experience in this field, allows them to advertise your property using the best marketing tools, while finding you buyers within a very short time period. Choose a local Realtor with experience and knowledge of the area, as this is very crucial to getting the best exposure and realizing your desired sale price.

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