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When selling your home, you have likely heard the term “home staging” and all the usual tips associated with it: keep the house neutral yet lived-in, clean it prior to a viewing, etc. However, you’ve probably never heard of “Pinterest staging,” which is not actually a real term – although it should be, given that we have now entered the year 2016 where successful use of social media is the thin line between success and failure.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and you may notice that every picture on Pinterest does indeed say much more than words can express. When it comes to home staging, you can use that to your advantage and focus on finding your home’s “It” factor. What makes your home stand out from all the other homes out there? What will attract potential buyers’ interest or simply make people want to share that picture?

The following are 8 tips that you might consider to help your home be noticed on Pinterest:

  1. Chandeliers – Home staging expert, Alyssa Tavazoie, of Toronto’s Alyssa Interiors states, “Many houses don't have enough lighting to begin with, so if you're having the electrician in anyway, have more overhead fixtures installed -- or at least buy some great lamps.” Or, perhaps you can go one step further and purchase a beautiful chandelier that will tie the whole room together and turn it into something entirely new.
  2. Contrast – Bold choices are the new “It” factor in home decorating, and contrast is one way to make your photo stand out. One room design idea that maintained its popularity through 2015 and into 2016 was placing cream or white furniture against the background of gray walls.
  3. A Splash of Colour – What can attract a person’s attention faster than a bold splash of colour? Consider incorporating that concept into a room design, adding a piece of furniture, a throw pillow or a work of art in a bold colour that pairs well with the more neutral colours in the room. Popular colours this year include bright yellows, reds, and indigos.
  4. Metallics – Metallic colours are another trend that is particularly popular for 2016, with their ability to offer a luxurious yet inviting look to any room. Take advantage of golds, silvers and bronzes for mirrors, lamps and other decorative accents around the room. In fact, be bold and mix your metallics for a completely unique look – just be careful not to go overboard!
  5. Kitchen Redesign – Presenting a spotless kitchen to home viewers is another common home staging tip. Go one step further and take advantage of the latest chalk board design, which can make a boring, functional kitchen completely unique and personalized.
  6. Scenery – If your house is not particularly interesting, think outside the box – literally! Although the general location is important, in terms of schools, etc., think of what you see every time you look out the window. Perhaps you have a beautiful view that could turn a “maybe” into a definite “yes” from a potential home buyer?
  7. Holiday Décor – Showcase your holiday decorations! Matching your Christmas tree or even your Halloween decorations to the existing design elements of a room can demonstrate your home’s universal potential to prospective home buyers.
  8. Hashtags – Although Pinterest’s primary focus is images, you can’t go wrong by combining that with another popular social media technique. Even something as simple as “#JustListed” could make the picture of your home more searchable, thus considerably expanding the scope for potential buyers.

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