How to Sell During the Holidays

The holiday season is a great time to romance potential buyers and create a cozy environment. This is good news for those of you who love to decorate, you won’t need to put your holiday cheer on hold. You will however, need to apply a few simple decorating techniques to make sure your home is dressed for success.

Before you pull out your holiday décor, think about how best to stage your home to avoid making the rooms appear overcrowded.  In this case less-is-more, a few touches such as a simple holiday decorations on the mantle, an elegant centerpiece on the dining room table, and candles in colours that will complement your current décor might be nice touches to add.  For example, if you have an earthy décor accent with forest greens, and gold tones.

Light it up

 Lighting can enhance your homes architectural features.  You can use simple string lighting to draw attention to a beautiful bay window, a garden door, decorative trim, an archway or entrance. Make sure the views are not hidden, by covering up the windows with lights or ornaments. It is not necessary to light up every space imaginable in your home. Try to limit your lighting to enhance, not overwhelm your space.

It might be a good idea as well to keep your religious themed décor boxed up, for display in your new home next year.  Religious themed décor could turn off some buyers. The same applies to your kids ornaments, you will want each space to look as spacious as possible.

Tree Yes or No?

Tall trees are ideal for two-storey great rooms to showcase the ceiling heights, a thin tree is best in small rooms, not only will it save space, but it will make the room appear larger.

Now that your home is decked for the holidays, you are ready for the open house.

Turn on the fireplace, light some candles, play soft music, and romance visitors with a sense of smell, bake some gingerbread cookies for guests to enjoy.  And relax, the holiday season is stressful enough. Make the most of the season with a tastefully decorated home that will encourage buyers to linger and consider putting an offer in on your home. 

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