The Neighbourhood


When you decide to purchase a home, you have to make a decision as to where you want to live. Selecting the right location is important. Here are tips to help to pick the right area for your next home.

Key questions:


●      Do you have teens or young children living in your home?

●      Do you have preferences as to the noise level of the area?

●      Do you want a lot of land or parks and other green spaces to enjoy?

●      Are you concerned about having a short commute to work?

●      Will the neighborhood have your preferred amenities?

●       What style of home do you want?


What are important decisions for families?

If you have teens or young children living at home, a primary concern when selecting the right neighborhood for your family should be the quality of the local school system. If you are planning to enroll your children in a private institution, you must also consider the distance between the new neighborhood and the school in order to shuttle back and forth between after-school activities and other events.


Make sure that you research local public and private schools. You should also research daycare programs in the area. Crime statistics are also important to look at for the safety of your family. The majority of real estate websites will be able to break down crime statistics by zip code in order to give you an idea as to how safe the area is in comparison to national statistics.


Type of Neighbourhood.

As you select a neighborhood for your home, you should envision what it would be like to live in that neighborhood. You may wish to select a neighborhood based on the style of homes offered. You should also consider whether you prefer an urban or more rural setting for your home.

What Is In the Neighbourhood?

Do you want to be able to walk places? Do you want a short commute to work? Are there bike paths nearby? Ask your real estate agent about the public transportation options that will be available in your neighborhood, as well as, access to major roads and highways. Discover the local shops, good restaurants, banks, grocery stores, dry cleaner, and local library. By talking to people that have lived in the area, you can get a more accurate idea of what it will be like to live there.                  

"Diversity, population and neighborhood characteristics are all important aspects that make a big difference on a neighborhood." says AJ Smith of

Now that you have a list of the type of neighbourhood you prefer, your real estate agent can really add value by showing you the different areas and highlighting the key amenities.  Location matters on so many different levels, from the types of homes, to the schools, and the diversity of the local shops. Remember a good neighbourhood will always holds it value. Choose wisely and happy shopping.


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