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Matsqui village is one of the older communities of Abbotsford. Historically, Matsqui is also the name of the largest Municipality of the three that joined together in the 1990's to become what is now Abbotsford. It is also the name given to the fertile farm land area known as Matsqui flats or Matsqui Prairie bordered on the north by the Fraser River and on the east, south and west by development. Matsqui Prairie is considered to be 'flood plain' because it is thought to have been formed by the annual spring freshet of the Fraser river. It was dyked and converted to rich farmland in the early 1900's. Even being in the flood plain, it has only flooded once since being controled. That was in 1949. The Fraser River has threatened a couple of times since but it hasn't breached the dykes since that time.

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