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I just had a short conversation with a few FaceBook friends about Kick The Can and other kid's games we used to play regularly.  You know the games we played when we were in elementary school; Kick The Can, Red Rover and British Bulldog, Hop Scotch, Tag, Red Light and of course Hide 'n Seek,  You might know them  by different names and slightly different rules but that is what we did on Saturdays, holidays, snow days and  warm summer evenings.  When there enough kids around to choose up sides, or make hiding and finding a challenge.



But my kids barely know these games and probably haven't played most of them at ail.  That bother's me, I think it is sad that these childhood traditions are passing away, another victim of the internet.  Not disappearing so much as fading to insignificance.  I wonder at how this happens, I didn't teach my kids these games because I didn't learn them from my parents.  I learned from the other kids, who learned from other kids who came before them.  The games go back in time with all these generations of kids running and hiding and coming over and stopping and hopping, changing the rules and  passing them on.  Somewhere, in my lifetime, kids stopped teaching other kids the games. 

I'm going to  a Neighbourhood Reunion this summer and I think I'll get up a game of Kick The Can or Red Light.  I way past the comfort zone for Bulldog or Hide and Seek but I think I can still stop on a dime.  Any one got a soup can? They still make those, don't they?

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