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An Open House is an excellent way to display your home for sale for all parties. For the most part people who watch for and attend Open Houses have conciously decided to start shopping (very few people go as a hobby, but there are some).  Open Houses are invaluable for buyers as they provide a real and relaxed opportunity to shop wthout feeling pressure from an agent, to weigh and compare the benefits of several homes and to assess other improtant variables like location and lot size that can't be so easily determined from a website or Listing Sheet. Open Houses are good for sellers as well, they are scheduled well in advance and so they allow the maximum number of viewers through with a minimum amount of disruption to family life. For Real Estate Agents an Open-House is a valuable source of face-time with actual buyers and thus a great chance to sell your House, either at your Opne House or as a result of someone elses's.

If you want to sell have lots of Open Houses, if you want to buy go to lots of Open Houses.  I'll see you there.


Ritchie Simpson

Ritchie Simpson

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