ACAP Saint John, located in Saint John, New Brunswick, is a community based, non-profit organization that encourages local involvement from all sectors of the Saint John community: industry, business, educators, environmental organizations and the three levels of government.

ACAP-SJ's boundaries centre around the City of Saint John and include coastal areas from Cape Spencer to Musquash, as well as several smaller communities along the Kennebecasis River. In addition to the St. John River and the Kennebecasis River, other tributaries entering the study area include the Nerepis River, Musquash River, Little River, Marsh Creek and Hazen Creek.

The two primary goals of ACAP Saint John are to:

  1. Work with the community to improve the environmental health and integrity of the Saint John Harbour and its estuaries.
  2. Respond to the growing demand from the public to be more involved in environmental decision making.

The Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) was created from the Federal Government's Green Plan of 1990. ACAP Saint John was started in 1991 as one of thirteen environmental "hotspots" in Atlantic Canada that could benefit from a community based approach to managing their aquatic environment. While Environment Canada provides project based funding and organizational support, each multi-stakeholder group is allowed to set their own objectives, choose the means by which to achieve those objectives and establish their own timetable for action. ACAP Saint John was formed to find community solutions to local problems.

Thank You For Not Idling - Early Success for Uptown Initiative   - November 2008 - News

ACAP Saint John and the Uptown Saint John Environment Committee have initiated an Anti-Idling campaign to help reduce vehicle emissions in the core business district of Saint John, New Brunswick. The project, which is funded largely by the Environmental Damages Fund, is being promoted through signs stating "Thank you for not idling/Merci pour arretez votre moteur,"which have been placed in the windows of participating businesses.

The business community has demonstrated eager interest in this initiative, with 20 businesses currently displaying the signs. Additionally, the telecommunications company Aliant has also contacted ACAP for information on our anti-idling campaign so they could implement a similar program throughout their Atlantic Canadian operations.

Building on the success of this initiative is Saint John Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase who will be promoting the campaign at the November 3rd City Council meeting. The early success of the anti-idling program has demonstrated the value of community-based environmental initiatives, and will no doubt serve to help the advancement of environmental out reach and education throughout greater Saint John.

Businesses wishing to participate in this program can still obtain signs free of charge at the ACAP Saint John office. Additionally, anyone want ing to participate by displaying a sign in their home, business or car windows, can download the signs in pdf format from the ACAP Saint John website (, or from the NB Department of Energy website ( which has seen in excess of 60 downloads to date.