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Councillor wants incentives to develop vacant lots

SAINT JOHN - City councillor Gary Sullivan wants the city to encourage developers to build housing and commercial properties on vacant land that is scattered throughout the city. The north end politician said he notices an array of empty lots when he drives from Millidgeville to the uptown - and he wants city hall to pay up to fix the problem. "We seem to have some momentum with new construction ...
Tags: Development

Urban places, green spaces

On Monday the Nature Trust of New Brunswick announced that, thanks to a joint effort from the government of New Brunswick along with a generous donation from John Irving, 27 hectares of green space in the Millidgeville area of Saint John is now designated as an official nature preserve, protecting it from future development and ensuring it will be a green space available for people in the area to use ...

Hiring outlook for New Brunswick optimistic

Employers in New Brunswick's three major cities have varying levels of optimism about the hiring climate they expect to see in the first quarter of 2010.       "We’re seeing signs of optimism that the recession is coming to an end, but we’ll know more when we see the second-quarter results. It’s positive news,’ says Manpower’s Mindy Stoltz. Saint ...

How to Organize Your Home Office for Success

Whether you use your home office to run a full-time business or just as a quiet place to catch up on work outside of your normal workplace; you should have it set up so that you are able to function efficiently and effectively.    Home office organization is something we don't think much about until it's too late. You need a home office, so you create one. And over time, things stack ...