New jobs for city to be announced today

SAINT JOHN - Mariner and Business New Brunswick will announce 30 new information and communication technology jobs for Saint John and Moncton today.

The Telegraph-Journal has learned the province will provide financial support to the Saint John-based ICT company to allow them to expand and add new employees.

"These are good-paying high-end IT jobs," a government source said.

Bob Justason, chief operating officer of Mariner, said the jobs could be based either in Saint John or Moncton, depending on where they find qualified workers.

"Some of it is based on where you find the skill-sets," Justason said. "It could be in either office. You have to match your skill-sets to your customers and where you are and sometimes you can work remotely depending on what the work is," he said, adding that the jobs will definitely be in the province.

While the amount the government is contributing has not yet been disclosed, a similar announcement in December 2006 earmarked $270,000 in forgivable loans for 27 new jobs at the ICT company, formerly referred to as Mariner Partners Inc. The amount announced today may be in the ballpark of $300,000 for the 30 new jobs, in the form of a forgivable loan, a loan guarantee or a direct loan.

"This is a great company employing almost 100 people in New Brunswick and the government is very proud to continue its partnership with this company," the source said. "The clear commitment that Mariner has shown to the province underscores our message that companies can be more successful here."

The official announcement will be made this afternoon during a press conference at the Red Rose Tea building in Saint John. Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne and Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty will attend the announcement along with Curtis Howe, president and chief executive officer of Mariner, and Saint John Mayor Ivan Court.

Mariner was founded in 2003 and provides consulting and IT services, such as strategic business analysis, project management, and other specialized IT skills.

Source: Published Monday December 15th, 2008 -Telegraph Journal