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Saint John Industrial Parks Ltd. Sets Single-Year Sales Record

SJIPL made company history in 2008 with 133 acres sold or under agreement for the year. This is a significant achievement for the company; traditionally, sales volumes have averaged between 10-12 acres annually. This record-breaking figure also eclipses the gross acreage sold between 1995 and 2007 - a total of 118 acres.

Despite current global economic conditions, SJIPL is confident that it will realize further growth in 2009. Demand for serviced land in the McAllister Park has been steadily increasing in recent years, and it is anticipated that trend will continue. Furthermore, all indications are that unserviced land sales in Spruce Lake Park, which were strong this year, will remain stable over the next twelve months.

 2008 Capital Projects

The first phase of the White Rocks Road project was completed this past summer, improving SJIPL's inventory of serviced land in Spruce Lake. The second phase is planned for 2010-11. Once completed, this right of way will connect Alloy to Stinson Drive, opening up more than 40 acres of serviced industrial land.

In November, work began on the McAllister Park Cut and Fill project. This initiative will result in the addition of high-quality, development-ready serviced industrial sites in the Park. The project will also maximize the density of industrial development along the McIlveen Drive extension, which was completed in 2004. The total investment for the McAllister project will exceed $600,000 and it will be completed in summer of 2009. Overall, the additional land value created from this activity is estimated at more than $850,000.

These Spruce Lake and McAllister projects will ensure that SJIPL can meet increased demand for sites resulting from its recent marketing efforts, current momentum, and the anticipated industrial boom.

Lorneville Barge Terminal

Progress is being made on the barge terminal project planned for Maguire's Cove adjacent to the Coleson Cove power generation plant. The project has become a company priority due to growing demand from the metal fabrication sector for such a facility, as the manufacturing and export opportunities are significant. Business New Brunswick is working with Enterprise Saint John and SJIPL to review the facility design, secure the necessary funding for the construction, and identify the appropriate operating model.

To date, the total investment in the project exceeds $750,000. It is estimated an additional $1.5-2 million will be required to complete construction.

Saint John is poised for an industrial expansion. SJIPL continues to search for initiatives that deliver on its mandate to develop industrial sites and infrastructure that increase the tax base, and help the community retain and create new jobs.

First Choice Ventilation Feature Tenant...

McAllister Industrial Park's First Choice Ventilation (FCV) is certainly living up to its name. Demand for the company's commercial and industrial ventilation manufacturing and installation expertise continues to grow, so much so that it has expanded its fabrication facility to keep pace.

"We doubled the size of the facility, not just to meet current client needs, but also to accommodate anticipated growth over the coming years," said Pat Flood, FCV's Vice President.

"Our fabrication shop is capable of manufacturing ductwork, ventilation and plate cutting services for a variety of sizes and installations. Plus, we do custom sheet metal work as well."

Added Flood: "It's a unique shop because we fabricate using gauge and plate materials. Also, it is equipped with five-and-six ton overhead cranes, a large lay-down area and a loading dock with forklift service."

The company's workforce has also grown since it first began operating in 1999. Today, there are 35 employees with extensive training in forming, welding, soldering and custom fabrication of stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, mild steel and copper. "Our employees rank among the best-trained and most-experienced fabrication and installation specialists in the industry," noted Flood.

FCV's main focus is on serving industrial, commercial and manufacturing clients in southern New Brunswick, which made McAllister Industrial Park an ideal location according to Flood.

"We moved here in 2002, and were very pleased with the assistance that SJIPL provided during the land purchases. They helped us pick the best possible site, giving us close proximity to both the industry we serve, and the suppliers who keep us operating efficiently."



Other News

SJIPL has made some new additions to its website. It has created a new page for the Grandview Industrial Park, Saint John's first industrial park, which opened in the 1960s. Also, you'll find Google Maps added to all three park web pages, which will help you locate current tenants and other landmarks online.

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