Unparalleled Workforce

Devoted, motivated and highly educated is how we describe our workforce. Saint John, New Brunswick like many other small North American centres has seen its economic base change significantly over the past 10 years; from a traditional manufacturing base, the region has transitioned to a much more diverse knowledge-based economy.

Since 1996, 9,000 more jobs have been created; 7,100 more people are in the labour force and the unemployment rate has dropped from 12.1% to 7.9%. The Information and Communication Technology sector in Saint John employs 8,000 people and is conservatively expected to grow 20-25% in the next two years. The manufacturing and construction sectors employed more than 9,000 people in 2004 - an increase of 5% over the previous year.

Here are some of our region's workforce statistics:

  • Saint John boasts one of the largest and fastest growing bilingual populations east of Quebec (17,000 strong);
  • 2004 Labour Force Annual Average: 66,700;
  • Our workforce is well educated with the population 15 years and over:
    • 3.7% have a trades certificate or diploma;
    • 23.5% have some college educations (18.7% of which have a diploma or certificate); and
    • 25.2% have some university (12.8% of which have a bachelor's degree or higher);
  • The diversification of the workforce by industry:
    • Retail & Wholesale 16.5%
    • Manufacturing & Construction 14.5%
    • Education 6%
    • Health Care 13.5%
    • Administrative & Management 8%; and
  • The average unemployment rate for 2004 was 7.9%.

New Brunswick, as a province, is renowned for the following trends:

  • One of the lowest rates of worker-initiated turnover in Canada - less than 10%;
  • New Brunswick workers remain in their jobs twice as long as the Canadian average;
  • On average, 65% of residents have been with their current employer for more than four years;
  • Low absenteeism rates, with only 7.3 days lost per worker per year and as much as 20% less than Western Canadian provinces; and
  • 66% of New Brunswick 's population is under the age of 45.

Enterprise Saint John has two programs aimed specifically to work with existing business in our community; Business Support, Retention & Expansion (BSRE) and Labour Force Development.

Our region is enjoying solid growth that encourages and embraces new ideas and investment.  It's growth that everyone will share, and it's growth you can be part of. 

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