Commuting to Work - The secret to regaining control of your day

Most of us have to get up in the morning and travel to work. Some of us will have to travel further then others to get to our workplace, and for those lucky enough to live close to work; stop rubbing it in our faces. Here are some quick tips to make the morning commute more productive.
Additional travel time each day can really take it's toll and can be unproductive (Yes - gazing out the GO Train window is considered a waste of time) . If you do spend a significant amount of time on public transportation, make sure you make the most of it. Your basically being chauffeured to your destination so take advantage of the downtime. 
Try catching up on some reading that you may not otherwise get the chance to do in your "always so busy" metro lifestyle. If reading isn't your thing, try an audio book or watch video's on your phone. There are so many ways you can leverage this time, just try not to waste your time by sleeping as you can do this when you get home or when your wife asks you to help her with the laundry. That was obviously a joke - I do my own laundry.
Explore the various transportation options you have in your area. Your nearest station may not be your best option! I have a GO station a few minutes from my home, but I choose to drive 20 minutes away to catch a train on another line which is more frequent with additional seating! Do your homework, try some alternative routes out. You will be surprised! 
Find a travel buddy. Having someone to commute with can make long journeys seem relatively short and it also gives you an opportunity to have healthy conversations in the morning, before getting into work mode. If you don't know anyone then try talking to someone new. It's still OK to talk to people in real life without having to friend request them on Facebook.
If your thinking of buying a home, you need to factor in your daily commute and ask yourself how important it is to be close to your workplace. When making this important decision of home location, think about commuting routes and transportation options. It's important you engage your real estate agent in these discussions so that it is recognized as one of your priorities so you can make a fully informed decision.
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