Top 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home to Sell

A hot housing market means first impressions are more important than ever. Give your home an advantage by taking the time to spruce it up before you list. You might also like: How to make your home stand out in a crowded market.




If you’ve got all your furniture pushed up against the walls to make the most of the space, it’s not doing much to help sell your home. Instead, try arranging the furniture in your living room in a fashion that encourages conversations rather than just as a place to store the kids’ toys or watch television. If you have a fireplace or a big window, make that the focal point and place the couch, a coffee table and a pair of chairs in an intimate setting. Add a few decorative pillows and drape a textured blanket to add some colour and warmth and keep the coffee and end tables free of clutter. Place a floor lamp or table lamp in your new living area space to brighten up the entire area and make the space more inviting.



It goes without saying that a kitchen can sell a home, but a messy, cluttered kitchen can also make your home much harder to sell. Emphasize the size of your kitchen by clearing the counters of any small appliances and personal items such as mail and phone chargers. This will make even the smallest countertops and prep areas seem that much bigger. Tip: Do, however, include colourful items that inspire healthy living, like a curated collection of interesting cookbooks, or a big bowl of lemons and limes. Help people envision their new lives in your home.


You may only use it once a year, but formal dining rooms should never be neglected. This space can be a great area to focus on when selling your home. Start fresh by removing everything from the room except for the essential pieces of furniture like the dining table and chairs. Consider setting the table with your best china, complete with flatware, napkins, glasses and a centrepiece of fresh flowers or a bowl of vibrant fruit. Tip: Even without a proper dining room, setting a kitchen counter or small bistro set in the corner of your kitchen will give your home a polished finish that denotes a caring homeowner. As much as potential buyers judge the home, they're also judging the previous owners, and how they cared for it.



Sleek and modern bathrooms can help sell a home, but even a dated bathroom can show its best face with a little elbow grease. Get a big box and remove everything from the counters, shower and bathtub before scrubbing the bathroom from top to bottom. Only put back a few essential items like hand soap and some fluffy towels. To help brighten the whole space, consider getting a new, high-quality shower curtain to pull the look together.  Tip: Don't overlook your medicine cupboard and under-the-sink storage. Buyers are nosey, and will examine every inch of your home. Organizing your storage will help to show off your bathroom's potential, even if it's on the smaller side.



A basement chock full of your disorganized piles of junk is a major turnoff to potential buyers. Even if the basement is unfinished, it should be clean, as bright as possible and dry. A quick coat of paint on a concrete floor can make the world of difference, as can neatly organized boxes. Tip: If you can't be bothered to organize your junk, at least get it out of the house! An empty finished basement is one million times better than a cluttered one (even if it does demonstrate how much junk can fit in it!). Rent a storage locker for the weekend and clear it out.

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