I want to wait until the spring to sell my home....

Seems every where we turn there is news from the US of failed banks and economic uncertainty.  Many people are 'wanting' to move to a home that is better suited to them but that if they wait until the spring they will be able to get a better price for their home.  Now, I'm not a psychic or able to see the future but I do have good common sense and the market indicators are pretty clear.... waiting may NOT be your best option.

I have prepared a report, in simple language, that helps explain this position not only from the sellers perspective, but from the buyers perspective.  This report lays out all the information in simple to understand terms and clearly explains not only who should be selling and buying, but also WHY!  Is this a sales laden, hyped up document?  No... I believe in providing clear information to ALL my clients (past, current and future) and helping them understand THEIR options so THEY can choose what's best for them.

Email me at Robert.Atkinson@Century21.ca for your free copy so YOU can make the RIGHT CHOICE for yourself.


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Robert Atkinson

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