Save money on your taxes while earning income

Many people get into real estate as a form of wealth protection or generation but find themselves frustrated when faced with issues of being a landlord.

What if I told you of a way to get all the benefits of being a landlord (ownership of real estate, rental income, tax deductions) without the downside (dealing with tenants, finding tenants, getting them to pay, fixing the property).

There is a way to do this safely and importantly its sanctioned by the Canada Revenue Agency.  Many clients are enjoying the pleasures of ownership without the headaches.  A Real Estate Investment Trust is like a mutual fund but better.  Companies go bankrupt (Enron, Nortel) or some are even illegal (Maydoff) and others are victims of the economy (GM, Ford) however it's a proven fact that only so much real estate exists in the world but more and more people are coming into the world competing for land.  Basic economics says that when supply goes down or demand goes up, prices increase!

Learn how you can make money on this today....give me a call at 416-840-8667. 

Robert Atkinson

Robert Atkinson

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