Spring Market

It never stops to amaze me how active the spring market can be.  There seems to be a shortage of good homes for sale and as a result home buyers are actively seeking out these homes and are prepared to pay to get them.  What seems to be different this year from prior years is that buyers are actually passing over lesser homes and holding out for the ones that are well staged, clean and show well.  Gone are the days of sellers being able to plant a sign and get multiple offers, buyers don't mind to pay more but they also expect more and as a result smart sellers are taking out all the stops to ensure their homes get the right visibility and sell for top dollar.

If you are interested in selling your home I would strongly advise having a home stager review your home and offer up advice on how to make yours SHINE!  Be sure there is a good marketing campaign (as I said a sign on the street just doesn't do it these days), and a strong presence on the internet as everyone these days is 'surfin the web' for everything from soup to houses and you want to me be sure YOUR HOME IS SEEN.

Call me with any questions you have on buying, selling, staging, marketing property.  Advice is free but good advice is priceless!

Robert Atkinson

Robert Atkinson

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