The market is hot so don't houses sell themselves?

In this heated market real estate agents deal with that question a lot.  People receive the news, often from real estate agents, that the market is H O T and homes are being sold well over asking prices, which can be true.  If you sell a $100 bill for $95 you will for sure get someone who will pay over asking but if you offer it for $101, well you see my point.  Home value is always in the eye of the beholder and knowing the market well means you can get your home sold for top dollar but itn's not an accident.  In fact if you look at the chart below it tells us that in January less than 50% of every home put on the market actually sold which seems pretty odd given the news we hear daily.  In fact it wasn't until July of last year that we broke 60%.

Clearly when you put your house up for sale it's because you want to SELL it, not just to decorate your lawn with a sign and have total strangers come through your home.  You should want it to sell for the most money possible in the least amount of time possible so you can move.  Buying and selling a home IS stressful, no doubt and the longer you sit on the market the fewer people will come and the lower the expected price (nobody pays top dollar for stale products).

A lot of homes did sell in 2014 and almost half of them in the first half of the year alone as illustrated by the chart below.

When choosing an agent, make sure you find one who KNOWS the numbers, has a solid marketing campaign and can get your home sold, not just listed.  It's just not enough being on the MLS or holding an Open House, as over 50% of home sellers found out last year when they chose the wrong agent.  Hiring an agent who doesn't sell your home is just a waste of time, find the right agent the first time.

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