Why do some agents have so many listings and others have almost none...are they not active?

There are as many types of people selling real estate as their are buying.  In fact, some agents will focus solely on helping BUYERS find homes and not take on listings.  Other agents will focus almost exclusively on taking listings and hand off any buyers that might come along to other agents.

One might wonder why would agents not do both?  Why only take listings or only take buyers?  I'm sure there are many agents who do take on both and honestly it's a matter of time investment.  The amount of time to help a buyer find and purchase a home can be almost 10 times as much as it takes to help a seller sell.  Buyers almost always buy and typically in a very short time.  Sellers might sell or might not sell and can take several months depending on the market and the sellers motivation.

Ask your agent where they like to focus their time and efforts to make sure they will put their time and focus on you!

Robert Atkinson

Robert Atkinson

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