Real Estate Myths

If you’ve ever taken a flight it seems pretty straightforward…accelerate, pull back…fly a distance and then land. Pilots train and do this day after day to make it look easy but when a mistake is made you typically hear about it in the news. Sometimes their training can save the day and other times terrible things happen.

Real estate is like most other professions, when done right they seem simple but when done wrong the consequences can be disastrous. Here are some of the myths that you may have heard and how not knowing can put you in financial danger.

Myth: Agents put a sign on your yard and the home sells itself.  This market is HOT!

Fact: Just like pilots don’t just get the plane off the ground and it fly’s itself, homes don’t just sell themselves certainly not for the most money possible. If you want to eventually sell your house at some price then hire any agent. If you want your home sold fast,  for more money, and with the least amount of stress possible then you want to hire a great agent.

Myth: My friend/relative has their license; I can hire them and save money

Fact: Hiring this way can cost you money and possibly a relationship. If things go wrong, how do you fire your cousin / friend? It’s great that you want to help out a friend but you also need to do what's best for you and your family.  Offer them a referral fee or ask them to bring a buyer. This way you help them out while at the same time doing what’s best for you, hiring an agent who will put more money in your pocket (isn’t that really what you want anyways?”

Myth: I don’t need to sign an agreement to have an agent work for me.

Fact: All agents work for sellers, even if they never met them, unless an agreement says otherwise. If you are ‘working’ with an agent and you don’t have an agreement they DON’T have your best interests in mind. Ask for an agent that offers a Service Guarantee that will allow you to cancel your agreement if things don’t work out. Any agent with confidence in their skills will offer this, no questions asked.

Myth: An “old school” agent who doesn’t believe in technology is just as good.

Fact: Over 90% of buyers are looking for their next home on the internet. Over 6 billion people have a Facebook account and Twitter is being used by people from all walks of life. If your agent isn’t up on the latest technologies you are missing a huge section of the buyers. You NEED to have a tech savvy agent.  More buyers’ means more money…hire an agent who KNOWS the market and HOW TO TAP INTO IT....don’t leave a nickel on the bargaining table.

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