I don't know about you, but I've been reading landscaping literature all winter with the goal of creating an actual plan for the back "40".  I have a 32x40 foot cement pond which adds to the task.  So I headed out to the backyard Saturday morning full of enthusiasm.  4 hours and 15 leaf bags later...I had literally only scratched the surface enough to create a "planting field" for my wife.  Now, part of our team approach is I do the grunt work and she comes in with the cosmetics.  The problem is that for this to work, the temperature has to exceed 15 degrees C.  for the other half of the team to commence work.  As I patiently waited...I was able to fill an additional 4 bags including some doggy land mines that magically appeared as I removed the leaves from the corner garden.

The weather did not become conducive to actually lure my wife out into the baclyard onslaught but I did get a knock on the door this morning from the people who remove refuse from the curb.  He told me that 19 bags of leaves etc. was a little excessive considering what they took away in the Fall ( I have lotsa trees).  I thanked him very much for picking the bags up and look forward to next weekend when I hope the weather will be good enough to actually start gardening.  I'm still sore from dragging 19 "heavy" bags to the curb.  Enjoy your Srping planting everyone!

Robert Mair

Robert Mair

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