Real estate industry to discuss key challenges at CREB Futures Summit

CALGARY - Leaders in the residential real estate industry will be meeting at Spruce Meadows on Monday to discuss the future of the industry.

Bob Jablonski, president of the Calgary Real Estate Board, said the CREB Futures Summit is an important gathering at an important time for the industry.

“We live in an age when change seems to be coming at us faster and faster every year,” he said. “Never before has so much information been so readily available to so many people. Like many of today’s institutions, organized real estate is being shaken to the core by the pace and nature of this change.

“What will (organized real estate) look like in five years? Ten? Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball to gaze into the future and see how all these new competitive pressures play out? Of course, we can’t do that. However, we can seize control of our own future to ensure (organized real estate) remains vibrant for years to come. But it means we have to act quickly and decisively to meet the new challenges we face head-on.”

He said Monday’s event could be a watershed moment in the real estate industry in southern Alberta.

Just how big an industry is organized real estate in Calgary?

Well, according to CREB, for the first nine months of this year, total MLS residential sales under the board’s jurisdiction reached 21,837 transactions, up 19.92 per cent from the same period a year ago.

Also, total sales volume of close to $9.3 billion for those transactions is up 21.97 per cent from a year ago.


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