Never Lower your Standards...

In today’s society, it seems we all as a collective group right now have allowed the lowering of daily standards with how we allow ourselves to be treated on personal levels which extends to political ones as well… which is a whole other topic in it’s own.  I was in a local coffee shop the other day and while working on my posts, I became a bit distracted due to the conversation that was dominating my ear waves.  It was a discussion amongst high school girls about their relationship with friends, family and love interests.  All I have to say, it was clearly stated during their conversation that the standards of respect for themselves and others seemed to be completely dismissed.  In fact it was a bit scary for they will be our future “leaders” and even care takers.

When you begin to lower the standards of how you know you deserve to be treated (whether that be personal; friends/family or in a professional setting; boss/co-workers), it opens the flood gates for negative influential people to penetrate your Aura (energy field).  If you allow this behavior to manifest for a certain period of time, chances are you will eventually break down on all levels (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually). To the degree of how much will depend when you “wake up” and choose to change the environment and people you allow yourself to be surrounded by.

The easiest example is when your dating an individual who lets say, keeps disappointing you, lacks integrity with what he or she says they will do and never follows through, etc.  "oo Sam is just being Sam"….No that is not an excuse. Never lower your standards with how you allow yourself to be treated.  If you do, the only one who gets hurt is you.


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