8 Reasons To List In The Winter


With snow starting to fly and cooler weather standing its ground, you may think letting your listing expire, or waiting until spring would be the best idea's when it comes to the sale of your home.

Think again! Here are 8 reasons why you should list your home during the Winter Season.

1.    Less Competition – the majority of people considering selling their home don’t put their homes on the market during the remaining few or first couple of months of the year. For the buyers in your market that are currently looking during the winter season, you may be at an advantage as your home is an option to them.

2.    More Time to Get Top Dollar – With fewer homes being listed, meaning less competition, you may be able to secure a higher price.While the buyer may have had over twenty five homes to look at and choose from in August, there may only be seven to ten homes that fit their criteria in February. If they are motivated to buy, they will not wait, and choose one of the currently listed properties.

3.    January is the Biggest Month for Transfers – Did you know that more corporate transfers and relocation’s happen during the month of January than at any other month of the year? Corporate transferees, who actually NEED to buy a new home simply cannot wait until spring. Most agents have seen clients fly our for five days, view twenty to thirty homes, and make their purchase before their return flight. Wouldn't you like to take advantage of this?

4.    Qualified Buyers – you may have fewer showings during the winter, but those willing to brave the elements to look, are usually serious and qualified buyers.

5.    Great Timing – By selling your house during the winter months,  you may have the pleasure  of looking at all of the new properties in the plentiful spring inventory.

6.    Homes Look Great During the Holidays – The holiday season is a great time to show homes. People generally have their homes decorated. This makes buyers feel warm and welcome.

7.   Slower Market Flexibility – Rather than letting your listing expire or canceling, you have the luxury of having showings when it's convenient for you. Schedule your showings around company and family gatherings. Buyers will understand as they are most likely experiencing the same thing.

8.    Home Buyer Searches – justifying not listing in winter because there are fewer daylight hours, and bad road conditions or weather is a thing of the past.  Studies show that nine out of ten home buyers start the search for their home online. Don't worry about missing out on "drive by lookers". Those who are serious will look.


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