Things May be Changing

While the market appears to still be very active, listings are up.  That means there are more choices for buyers.  That usually translates into a more balanced marketplace or a buyers market where they get to make a “negotiable “ offer on a property instead of overbidding in a multiple offer situation.  A more balanced marketplace is, I think, a healthier place for everyone.  Buyers are then able to do due diligence on the properties they are buying .  That includes a home inspection or inspection or verification of some other kind.  In the end that means all parties walk away from the transaction feeling good about their purchase and eliminates some of the painful situations down the road that might occur if being pressured into a higher than list price bid with no conditions.  All in all, I think the the craziness may be subsiding.  I, for one, am on the side of a more balanced marketplace and would welcome that if this becomes our new reality.

Roberta Weiss

Roberta Weiss

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