Have Kids? You Don't Have to Sacrifice Home Style!

Having children certainly adds to your household, not only in the form of joy, laughter and excitement but also with stuff! Sometimes the amount of gadgets and furniture designed to help make the lives of mom and dad easier can be overwhelming. Add in a hectic daily schedule and it is easy to understand why styling a home falls off the list. But it doesn't have to be a difficult task, a few simple changes here and there can transform a room.

~ Baskets, Baskets, Baskets ~

I cannot stress how much a simple basket can save a room. From the baby stage to teenagers, baskets are a staple to keeping the clutter in check. For the nursery, add a few baskets on a dresser or under the change table to store diapers, lotions, wipes, a few toys, you name it. The items are still easily accessible but tucked away. Baskets are also great for storing the endless streams of toys for older children as well. Buy a couple larger ones for the family room to store the items that would normally be in a pile in a corner. Clean-up time is still simple, but the end result is a clutter-free (and more soothing!) space.

~ Durable Materials ~

 You may not be able to have that cream colored wool rug in the dining room, but there are plenty of stylish options that are durable and stain resistant. Outdoor rugs are an example. With the variety of colors and styles available they may just be the perfect solution. And with the advent of new materials on the market, an outdoor rug does not have to feel like plastic either. Many of them are gorgeous indoors or out.

~Display Books and Art~

Childrens books are colorful and could be a perfect accent to any room. Install a narrow shelf and display them like art. Having them so close at hand is also perfect for an impromptu story time!

Do you have a budding artist whipping up masterpieces? Frame them! Create a gallery wall of their artwork and watch your children beam with pride. Choose stylish frames and the art will all look cohesive. Even a few scraggly swipes of a paintbrush can look fresh and modern when framed. Walking past the art daily is sure to put a smile on your face on even the most demanding day.

~Do You Need All of That Stuff?~

There seems to be a piece of furniture or gadget for everything when it comes to children and, especially, babies. Before you run out and purchase, talk with a few moms who have been through it all before and see what they deem as essential. Yes a wipe warmer sounds luxurious, but at the end of the day do you have room for another item on the dresser? What about the massive high chair? Can you get away with using one that clips onto a booster seat? There are many space saving options on the market. Make a list of items that you feel are necessary and research online to not only find the ones that are best suited to your lifestyle and home.

~Control the Entry-way Chaos~

If you are like most people, you do not have a sprawling entry with double walk-in closets and endless storage solutions. But never fear, even an impossibly small entry can look organized. Purchase a fabulous coat hook. Choose one that defines your style whether it be rustic, modern, industrial, etc. Try to aim for 2 hooks per child. When they come running through the door, having the hooks right there will make it easier for them to put away their gear. If you do not have a closet in the entry way for shoes you can place a shoe tray beneath their hooks. And again, baskets. A small shelf with a basket for each child is perfect to store hats and mittens.



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