Have you had a great customer service experience recently?

Does customer service that goes over and above seem to be hard to find these days? Have you recently had a great experience? Or a bad one?

As a Realtor, I am in the sales industry. Sales in general have a bad name in terms of customer service. I feel that it is so important to treat our clients as best as we can. After all, they are our bread and butter.

After many years of contemplating I decided it was time to purchase a new vehicle. Suddenly I found myself in the position of customer and I was pleasantly surprised. I chose to purchase through Sean Sargent Toyota and my Salesperson was Kendall Forsberg. It was interesting to notice the differences in Salesperson strategies over the course of deciding which dealership I would use. In Grande Prairie we often have the thought (whether valid or not) that we can get a better deal on a vehicle in a larger centre, such as Edmonton. I find that sometimes we may not even give our local businesses a chance. This seems to be true for many purchases both large and small. In my case, I certainly did do price comparisons and I was open about this to Kendall. As a Realtor, I appreciate the honesty and openness of my clients' thoughts and opinions. It helps me to do a better job and better gauge what my client needs. I reciprocated this to Kendall and the sales support team as a courtesy and I am glad I did. Their response was polite, professional and they were willing to sit with me patiently and go over any questions that I had. I never felt rushed or "brushed off" and for this I am appreciative. Along with thoroughly going over my options for purchase, Kendall personally introduced me to the service and parts department. She ensured that I knew who to contact for any warranty issues that may arise and also who to contact for any accessories I may want for my vehicle. I left with my vehicle feeling that the door to the dealership was left open, so to speak, and that made all the difference to me.

With any large purchase comes a certain amount of stress. I was grateful to all of the people at Toyota for their help and support through the process. This is something that I will carry forward in my own business dealings with my clients. When we are feeling rushed to find the perfect property at the perfect price or feeling the pressure of selling a listing at the best price for our clients, it is easy to forget about the stress that the clients themselves are feeling. Being on the receiving end of customer service has been a great reminder of the need to slow down and focus on my clients and to always ensure that they are taken care of and have their questions answered. After all, without our clients we would not be in business.

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