Do I Need a Septic Inspection?

When my clients are purchasing a rural property, I ALWAYS suggest they get a septic inspection performed. Why? I am so glad you asked.

Recently I was working with a client who was purchasing a rural home. On my advice, they decided to perform a septic inspection and found out the septic system was not functioning and needed replacement. This was not only a shock to the buyer, but to the seller as well.

A septic system is basically your own personal sewer system. Everything you put down your drain or flush down your toilet goes into the septic system. The septic system treats your sewage right in your own yard and releases the treated effluent back into the groundwater.

A septic inspection is not cheap. On average it costs a little over $500.00, but it is well worth it to have peace of mind that the home you are buying has a functional septic system. Repair or replacement to a septic system is very costly. Spending $500.00 on an inspection is much better than having to spend $15,000 - $25,000 to repair/replace it.

There is no way to accurately predict how long a septic system will last, but an inspection can yield useful information on the condition of the system. It can also help with negotiations if a deficiency is discovered.

Even if a home is only a few years old a septic inspection is still worth while. As you don't know how the Sellers have maintained it nor what they have put down the drain. Sometimes abuse of a septic system can lead to problems in a short amount of time.

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