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I am an owner of a wonderful dog. He is a golden doodle, although his fur is completely black, he is TOTALLY golden on the inside. He is a fairly large dog, probably around 85 lbs. He is without a doubt the best dog I have ever owned and will probably ever own.With that being said, I am sensitive to the fact that he is large and may scare some people, even though they truly only need to be worried about being licked to death. Needless to say, I am very comfortable around dogs, small and large.

So last week, I took my dog for a walk, as per usual. As I approached a path on my walk, there was a snowbank which I could not see behind. As I passed the snowbank, a dog happened to be there that was of similar size to my dog. Now because of the snowbank, he did not see me coming and he must have gotten startled because he started to bark and act aggressively towards myself and my dog and would not stop barking. Well, he wasn't the only one who got startled , he scared the ()^$#!$%^&% out of me too! The dog was off leash and the owner was a fair distance away, probably around 70 feet away, walking towards me and his dog. The dog continued to bark at me and my dog and the owner did absolutely NOTHING. He did not call his dog, he did not run over to collect his dog, he just walked nonchalantly and said ... NOTHING! So I waited for the owner to get closer and (probably not so politely) asked him why he did not call his dog. He responded with "he is harmless". I gave him a piece of my mind and started to walk away. Well his dog continued to follow me barking at me the whole time .. and then magic happened ... he FINALLY called his dog.

I really like dogs, and I am not afraid of dogs and I am sure this dog is very nice.The dog was probably just startled and acted in dog fashion ... I get it.

The beef I have is with the dog owner actions. As a dog owner, you cannot (EVER!!!!) ASSUME that everyone knows your dog is "harmless". There are individuals that are truly afraid of dogs. Even if you cannot understand why, you need to respect the fact that not everyone is a dog lover. So you should not inflict your dog on everyone around you because they are “harmless”. No one enjoys being barked at relentlessly, dog lovers included! Dog owners need to be responsible at all times for their dogs and keep them under control and ensure they are not disrupting or bothering anyone around them.

I truly was not afraid of this dog in this situation, but what if it wasn’t me who was walking at that particular moment. What if it was a mother and small child who could possibly by VERY afraid.

I try to be a responsible dog owner, and all I ask is that other dog owners try as well. I know we are not all perfect and we make mistakes, but for the love of the Lord…. CALL YOUR DARN DOG IF THEY ARE BARKING AT SOMEONE AND ARE OFF LEASH!!!!

Thanks for listening .. I feel better :)

Have a wonderful day!


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