War of the Weeds

Last year I moved into a new home.  With the over-whelming task of moving, I kind of lost track of current events and was out of the News loop for a while.  What I missed was the provincial ban of cosmetic use of pesticides.  Once I moved into my new house, I soon realized that I had a MAJOR weed problem.  Of course I was not concerned as a bag of weed and feed would soon fix that problem.  Although there wasn't a bag of weed and feed to be found, it was now considered contraband!  So I, like many other people, bought a weed extractor, which works really well.  The problem was I had more weeds than lawn and was soon spending hours upon hours pulling weeds from my lawn.  I reseeded my lawn and by the fall I was actually pretty happy with the result.  I must say I was never so happy to see the snow fall and cover my lawn so I didn't have to pull any more weeds!!! 

Spring came and to my horror, so did all the weeds that I swear I had pulled out last year!  So once again, me and my weed extractor became very good friends.  I am sure my neighbors think I have some crazy weed-pulling obsession!  

Yesterday I bought a bottle of Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon.  I figure I had nothing to lose, except my grass of course.  I applied it last night to some of the weeds in my yard and this morning I check them to see if it was starting to work.  To my pleasant and almost giddy surprise they were DYING!!!  The grass around it was actually green and the weeds were turning black and shrivelling!  It's a Turf Miracle!!!!

So to the people of Scotts, I thank for you this gift, the gift of time, where I can spend it with my family and not endlessly pulling weeds with no end in sight!

Robin Gyimesi

Robin Gyimesi

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