9 Things House Hunters "Can" Ignore

Buying a home can be overwhelming. When viewing homes, don't focus on things that need a little fixing, polishing, or reworking ─ try to look beyond these aesthetic negatives to find the happy foundation that lies beneath.

These 9 minor home issues have easy fixes:

1.Wallpaper (floral borders, chickens wearing bonnets, etc.)
No matter how much it disagrees with your style, wallpaper can be removed completely.

2.Paint Colors
This is a personal choice: changing paint colors can be one of the easiest and least expensive updates to a home.

3.Ugly Carpet
This is an easy change that can happen before moving in. You can also address this upgrade when presenting an offer, which may give you additional money left over to put towards small updates.

4.Dated Appliances
If they are in working order, there is no need to replace them immediately. New appliances can be worked into your personal budget along with a time frame of when you will replace them.

5.Funky Smells
If there is a big mould/building issue ─ that is different. However, most food and pet odours can be eliminated with a good cleaning.

6.Popcorn Ceilings
These are still in a great deal of homes so, before the popcorn ceiling takes a potentially good opportunity from you, look past the bumps ─ this is a pretty easy fix!

7.Age of the Home
Older homes have stood the test of time. They tend to have a fabulous foundation, great bones, and character that newer homes lack. With a little TLC, older homes could be a better option and many have already undergone extensive updates.

8.Curb Appeal
Some landscaping and a few hours spent outside could change the face of a home for very little time, effort, and money.

9.Lack of Privacy
This can be a very real issue in urban settings, especially in newer developments. There are great privacy screens and foliage you can easily add. Remember that "hedges make great neighbors" and keep an open mind!

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